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Tom Meinelt is an accomplished photographer, creative visionary, and intrepid explorer. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Tom is currently based in Southern California. He pursued photography and graphic design studies at Northeastern University in the early 2000s. He then seized a life-changing opportunity and relocated to New York City where he established himself as an international photojournalist. For sixteen years he traversed the globe on various assignments, covering a wide array of subjects. Toward the conclusion of the 2010s, the surge in online media led to a dilution of print media which compelled Tom to shift his career trajectory. Now, returning to his roots behind the lens, he has embarked on the creation of some of the finest contemporary large-scale art pieces. His objective is to offer viewers an escape from the hectic pace of modern life.


"The audience comes last. I’m not making it for them; I am making it for me, and it turns out that when you make something truly for yourself, you’re doing the best thing you possibly can for the audience." - Rick Rubin


For discerning collectors, our exclusive editions are contemporary masterpieces. For those who choose to incorporate a print into their collection, it represents a strategic investment for the future. Each acquisition holds inherent value, promising a rare and enduring asset that transcends the ordinary. You can trust that we exclusively employ the finest materials, and the creation of your print is meticulously overseen by the finest craftsmen in the industry.


Explore captivating moments in our photo archive. Our archive is a look back over the years spent working as a photojournalist, traversing the globe on assignment. Click below to experience the beauty and authenticity captured in each frame.

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